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Keyboard stickers

Our Language keyboard stickers provide an easy solution for transforming a standard QWERTY keyboard into a bilingual one. Instead of spending money on an expensive localised keyboard you can simply buy the precut transparent stickers. Each sticker has one or two printed-on letters or symbols for a second language. The labels are self-adhesive and die-cut for simple peel-and-stick installation. The position of each sticker on the keyboard is specified. The application process doesn't take more than 10-15 min.
The stickers are made from high-quality transparent (clear) matt vinyl. Thickness - 80 μm, Printing process - typographical. The matt finish vinyl is non-glare at any angle.

Stickers are available in different colours. Select the colour that best suits your keyboard. The labels are designed to fit standard desktop and laptop computer keyboards. If necessary, they can be trimmed with scissors prior to application.