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ECTACO jetBook Color educational eBook Reader White

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  • Model: EDU12W
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  • Manufactured by: ECTACO

CES 2012 Innovation Award Winner Ectaco jetBook Color
jetBook Color educational eBook Reader

Category: Educational eTextbook Tablet with Test System, Home Assignments, Remote Tutoring and eBook studies. White colour.

The jetBook Color breaks through the educational market and offers students and teachers the ability to save money on books while providing unlimited teaching resources. The eBook reading Tablet is the world's first to utilise eye-friendly Color E-Ink technology on the market.
Originally the jetBook Color was focused on the education market for students to keep track of their schedules, check homework, and eventually replace all paper textbooks. With the success experienced in Eastern Europe the Tablet was released worldwide so everyone can enjoy an eReading device with tons of functionality and a non-backlit display that's safe on the eyes. The new version even has text capturing and electronic conversion features; simply slide your C-Pen scanner (optional) over print text and watch it upload directly to the jetBook Color. Now go one step further you can translate that text in another language, look up a meaning or even hear it spoken to you! Virtually unlimited format support and endless battery life make the jetBook Color the best device for school work, business documents, leisure reading and everything in between.

The jetBook Color main features:

  • Triton Color E Ink screen
  • 9.7" Display
  • 1600x1200 resolution
  • C-Pen Text Scanner: 5-22pt text capture, translation and speaking ability.
  • Load Your Own Content
  • Support for: Adobe DRM 9.1, ePub, Mobi, PRC, RTF, TXT, PDF, FB2, djvu, JPG, Gif, PNG, BMP (more to come)
  • Localizations and Language Menus for Russian, Ukrainian, German, Japanese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Czech, French, Italian, Korean, and Polish
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Line, graphing, staff and other workbook pages
  • CPen support
  • Fluent Text-to-Speech can read you any book
  • Workbook Scribbling and freehand writing on PDFs
  • Reflow mode in Reader
  • 10,000 page turns on a single charge
  • Support via microSD for up to 32GB
  • Sleek protective carrying case included
  • Underline and highlight text
  • 50-state reading list
  • Fully interactive SAT course
  • "Overdrive" library access
  • Wireless access to online textbooks, and other resources
  • Speed Reading course
  • Oxford® Dictionaries
  • Course of English and foreign language grammar
  • Speech recognition and speech analysis Language Teacher and U-Learn courses that teach you a language step by step
  • Pictured dictionaries for 38 languages
  • Cross translator for 180 languages
  • Vocabulary Builder
  • Linguistic Crosswords
  • Reference materials for Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography and Earth Science
  • Interactive Periodic Table of Elements
  • Graphing and scientific calculators
  • And much more!
Firmware is updated by Ectaco on monthly base. May 2012 Update contained the following new additions:
  • Graphical interface performance has been increased. Now it takes less time to run your commands.
  • Page turning speed has been increased. Now you can flip through ebooks faster, because the program performs caching of preceding and subsequent pages relative to the page you are reading.
  • Three Refresh Page modes have been implemented: you can choose to fully refresh the screen after page turn on every page, every 3rd page, or every 5th page. Use the every page refresh mode to avoid seeing any traces from recently viewed pages. The other modes allow you to reduce screen flashing.
  • Now the device contains 9 workbook templates for onscreen drawing: various chart papers and lined papers.
  • You can use the text-to-speech engine to get the device to read a desired book aloud starting from the page you are viewing. It speaks the text clearly, with no stammer.
  • Hardware keys are working on the fly now – with reduced response time.
  • Speech recognition accuracy has been improved, so ECTACO jetBook COLOR has become even more responsive.
  • Several interface languages has been added. Now ECTACO jetBook COLOR features multilingual interface with the following languages: Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian.
  • FlashCards has become more flexible: you can create your personal sets of entries copied from Talking Dictionary.

To download the latest update please follow the link

The device is powered by a rechargeable battery, AC/DC adapter, or a PC via USB cable.
The standard package includes ECTACO® jetBook® COLOR, a protective cover, adapter, USB-cable, and earphones.


Advanced search
Instant Reverse translation
Irregular verbs
New word recording
Electronic grammar book
Full sentence translation

Built-in memory
Display 9.68'', 1600x1200 px
Touchscreen with a special stylus
Screen backlight
Headphones jack
PC connection
AC adapter connection
Battery Lithium-polymer rechargeable battery: 3.7V, 2350 mAh
Dimensions (WxHxD) 270 x 188 x 11.5 mm
Weight 662 g

World time
Local time
Daily alarm
Voice English, Spanish
Speech recognition English, Spanish
Idioms Yes
Commonly used phrases 14,000

Value pack
Bonus & demo software No
Slim case Yes
1-year warranty

Math calculator
Scientific Calculator
Loan calculator
Graphing calculator
Currency conversion
Metric conversion

Other features
Games 7
World Factbook
Scientific references Geography, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, General Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, Biology
SAT preparation course
eBook Reader
U-Learn™ course
Pictured dictionary
Linguistic crossword